Update from the wilderness

Man, I have been neglecting this blog something terrible. 2017 has been a crazy year for me. The wife and I sold our house earlier this year, got rid of most of our stuff, and moved our few remaining household items into storage 1,300 miles across the country. We changed our residence to a new State then drove 1,000 miles south, bought a motorhome, and have since logged over 2,000 more miles in the last four months traveling around the central United States.

It seems that living the nomad life has been getting in the way of posting crunchy tech how-to articles. But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing a lot of new tech projects. It turns out that adapting your personal technology kit to a mobile lifestyle is rife with challenge. It also turns out that not being tied down to a regular 9-to-5 gig gives you a lot of time to work on personal projects and do research (when you aren't piloting a 40-foot vehicle down the highway). I've kept busy, and I've got a lot to write about.

So here are a few announcements about admin changes, and a look at what's coming soon on g33kr.

  • First off, I've disabled comments on g33kr. I know this will bother some readers but after a lot of consideration I decided to make this move for a few reasons that I think are pretty sound:

    1. Moderating comments is a time sink, and one for which I just don't have personal bandwidth. I'd prefer to spend the time I have writing content rather than sifting through comments in the moderation pile. Which is largely time wasted anyway, because...

    2. The signal-to-noise ratio is terrible. On average, 89% of the comments I receive on g33kr articles are blogspam. Of the remaining 11% legit comments, only about 30% add value to the blog content (insightful commentary, questions, or corrections). The rest are just "great post!" type comments. Which is nice and all, but other than stroking my already enormous ego they don't serve much of a purpose.

    3. I really don't care what any of you think. (I'm kidding... mostly.)

  • If you have comments or questions about article content (or anything, really), I'd still like to hear from you. Feel free to send me an email and I'll get back to you (probably.. eventually). Cryptographically signed emails get priority handling.

  • This site is for technology geeks (after all, it's not called n00br). Geeks often prefer text-mode browsers (I do, anyway), and I've been working to make sure g33kr remains readable by browsers such as lynx and elinks (which I use personally - feel free to test others, as well). I'm considering removing the few remaining images from g33kr and replacing necessary technical diagrams with ASCII art. Still undecided on this one, and feedback is welcome. Done. Feedback is still welcome.

  • As always, g33kr will remain ad-free. This is a volunteer, non-profit blog run as a donation of my time, hosting fees, and effort towards the goal of freeing tech-minded people from digital servitude to online oligarchs (and, for my own kicks). Even though I may disappear for months at a time, you will always get your money's worth from this blog.

  • This site will also remain devoid of social networking links. Don't get me wrong, I love social networking. Usenet and IRC are great.

  • I've got some upcoming articles in the queue:

    • I've rediscovered my love of Gopher, the long-lost file sharing protocol that still lives on among a small community of devotees. I'll provide a Gopher primer and reasons why you might want to give this ancient protocol a fresh look. Also, I've written a Python-based "phlogging" engine for Gopher blogs, and g33kr will soon be available in gopherspace as well as webspace. Kickin' it text mode, yo.

    • I've lately lost a fair share of my admiration for pfSense and so I've converted my Netgate SG-2440 firewall to run Debian9 (and it's awesome!). I'll walk through building your own Debian-based wireless router/firewall.

    • I've traded in my smartphone for a feature phone and a GPD WIN running Debian GNU/Linux. I'll share the reasons behind this radical move and the benefits (and challenges) of native Linux mobile computing versus Android or iOS.

    • I've been upping my crypto game and taking it to the next level. I'll be doing a how-to article (or series, more likely) on using LUKS full disk encryption on your Linux machines, encrypting your communications with GPG, keeping your keys safe with a smartcard, and securing your websites with SSL certificates. Encrypt all the things!

    • I'm spending more and more time these days at the terminal. I'll go over the text-mode applications I use every day to live life on the command line.

    • I'm working on a refresh and expansion of my email server how-tos. I plan to produce a series of articles focused on self-hosting the digital services you rely on. Not only email, but chat, sync and other services that more and more are being centralized to cloud service providers. Take back root access and own your data.

    • And more. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay informed as new articles are posted in the coming days and weeks.